To be attractive to toerists a place has to have:

1. A regional delicacy that locals only ate because there was literally nothing else: eg itchy potato, boiled pigs ear etc

2. A LANDMARK; can be anything as long as enough places sell postcards of it

3. An activity locals regard with bemused indifference like: looking at ferns, collecting seaweed, spotting whales etc

4. Something to take home as a souvenir, connection to region is a bonus but not necessary, has to fit on a mantelpiece.

5. Lots of signs, the bigger the better. If the sign is bigger dan the attraction this is not a problem.

6. The goodwill of tourbus operators.

7. A travel guide; travel guide writers can make anything sound interesting, take full advantage of this.


Restaurants with pets

Dubieus health benefits

Sticky Alcohol

Other toerists


A percentage of the population that thinks it speaks English


Begonnen met mijn nieuwe baan; ik heb vergaderd, overlegd, ben aangehaakt, erbij komen zitten, koffie gedronken, gebrainstormd en heb van gedachten gewisseld.

Update: Ik ben ondertussen ook gaan zitten, heb samen naar iets gekeken en samen iets opgepakt.